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What do you think of blonde pubic hair?
I'm a natural kind of dark strawberry blonde hair on the head, green eyes, and light blonde pubic hair. I'm kind of embarrassed by what guys might think of this when I hook up with them, so it's kind of held me back a little. Should I just shave/wax?
What's important is what you want. I as a man don't like dark public hair, and red or blonde is a bit of a treat so to speak. Personally I prefer trimmed, because shaved would be a girl to me, and hairy would be a beast to me; I want a woman.
I go to nude beaches a lot, how come I never see other guys with blonde pubic hair?
Or in the gym locker room either. I was a three-sport varsity athlete and captain in high school. I think I have most things going for me: decent looks, muscles and popularity. But I'm blond all over, and truthfully, I feel a bit abnormal. I see some women with blond pubic hair once in a while, but no guys. Virtually every other blonde-haired dude had dark brown or black hair there. Is there anyone else out there, or am I just another X-files reject?
interesting. I'm going to have to do an experiment and look at many naked guys this weekend. I will get back to you with the results.
Do blondes always have blonde pubic hair?
I am a natural light blonde, and the hair on my arms and legs is blonde, however my underarm and pubic hair is light brown. I was wondering if this was normal for blondes carpets to not match the drapes?
Some have blonde pubic hair.

Most have pubic hair that is light or dark brown.

I am a redhead, and mine matches but a lot of people's doesn't.
How many blonde guys have dark pubic hair?
I noticed that most guys with blonde hair have black pubic hair. How many of you guys have that?
I am blonde but my pubic hair is darker.
Why people said there is not blonde pubic hair?
I know natural blondes who have pubic blond hair(exactly the same shade).I have a playgril magazine,and other gay porn,and appear blonde guys have blond pubic hair.Yes,it's true not ever the pubic hair is not ever the same colour of head hair,but generally is the same colour.And idon't think people will take the risk of dye their pubic hair because it hurts and difficult.
Why would you want to dye it if it was blonde? Yes there is natural blondes and reds down there!
Am I getting black or blonde Pubic Hair?
I have been noticing about 2cm long blonde hairs growing around my penis. Now this is the weird thing, when i go into a bright light, the hairs turn black and some stay blonde. So am I getting blond or black pubic hair?
Probably blonde. If youre blonde then it probably is. It wont be a really light blonde but more of a dirty blonde with some brown in it. Definetly not black unless u dyed them or something but it probably is the light reflection
Is it normal for a blonde to have dark pubic hair?
This might sound like a stupid question but Is it normal for blondes to have dark pubic hair or is it unusual? I have really blonde hair and blue eyes but my pubic hair is very dark for some reason, I've always thought it looked weird.
I'm half German and half Iranian if that has anything to do with anything.
Head hair and body hair are two different kinds of hair. There are very few who have matching hair. Plus hair on a girl i think is nasty. Good luck.
Why do White men have blonde pubic hair?
I notice they have blonde pubic hair even tho most of them don't have blonde hair yet they have blonde pubic hair, and their willies are pinky. why is that?


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why do black guys have nappy pubic hair
Do Scandinavian (Swedish, Norwegian, Finlandish) people have blonde pubic hair??
Bizarre question I know, but i've wondered about this. I had a girlfriend in high school who was of primarily swedish ancestry and she had the typical blonde hair and fair skin...and a very very light brown bush. Since then I've wondered if that was common among people in Scandinavia or if she was just a fluke... (She had the blonde eyebrows too, so the carpet more or less matched the drapes lol).
Some do, some don't. Natural blonde hair is no guarantee of blond pubic hair. I should know =)

The hair color on your head and your body hair color are independent of each other, sometimes they match sometimes they don't. I constantly have to explain to people that yes, I am a natural blonde even though I have dark eyebrows.

Even if it is blonde, the pubic hair is often still darker than the actual color on the head. Remember, the sun lightens the hair on our head, but where the sun don't shine, it's likely to be darker. It's no fluke, it's common among people with natural blonde hair. I wouldn't say the majority have different colored pubic hair, I've never done a study, but certainly a substantial number of natural blonde people don't have matching pubic hair. Same goes for redheads too.

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