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Girls getting a enema and a spanking?
are there any girls out there that get a spanking on their bare bum

are there any girls out there that get enemas every so often.

what are they like.

the enemas and then the spankings.
please explain.

Well, it is obvious to me, that you have never had one. Also, girls and boys get them as well ,I think that you are way out of line. Enemas are not to be for a punishment, only for a health. If your are seeking some kind of sexual fun from this site, than go somewhere else. I raised three girls, and they got enemas on occasion. It was for health reasons, nothing else. I was more embraced then they were.
What could i expect to happen in a session with a dominatrix?
I'm interested in maing an appointment with a dominatrix. I'm interested in what would happen during a normal session. ie. spanking, enema, rectal thermometer! Any info will do
At the very least you could expect to get your wallet lifted !
Spiritually spanking, what did my dream mean, can someone interpret it?
I dreamt I was in an episode of House, and I was a member of his diagnostic team. We were treating a man who had amputated his own brain and couldn't remember where he left it. Foreman went to go find it, and House demanded a solution from me. Unable to to really come up with anything, I suggested giving the patient a Tabasco sauce enema. House was so impressed he said he wanted to have my baby, and suddenly appeared in a wedding dress. What can it mean?
it means you are secretly batman.
What is a enema punishment?
So here is the thing my mom believes in spanking me for doing anything wroung. Well I usually get one for bad grades, lying, out to late, having a giirlfriend, myspace, and not going to bed by 930. Well today I really blew it. Me and my friend from school went to walmart and were being dumb. Well he decided to steal some stuff and got caught. He ran and I got caught. So they called the cops and its like 715. I am suppose to be home by 600. Well my mom gets a call and she comes in. After everything was takin care of I was made to go in the shower. Afterwards I got out and she made me take my clothes of and gave me a spanking of the life time. Now she says on saturday I better be ready because I am going to be using enema for your punishment. I never heard of this and now im really scared. Does this hurt. What is it. HELP..........
More trolls. I think your brother posted earlier.

And Mother Troll is posting for directions for her daughter as well.
Girls only loo duties?
is it really true that girls loo stuff is different from boys.
are their jobbies that much more different.
going for a jobby. and what a girls jobbie looks like.
is it really 6 inches long or longer.
and that much wider.
it must hurt like heck for girls to go for a jobbie.
the pushing the strainig the squezzzing.

please write.
best answer gets 10 points.
and what about girls getting a enema and a spanking.
have you been taking something???!
Im thinking about making a punishment "Palace" Establishment (Possible a chain Franchise)?
I want to establish a business where you can bring a person to our punishment palace. This would be non sexual and for pure punishment purpose only. We would Spank them(many differnt times of spanking tools and instruments would be available to the doctor performing this procedure.) and Fig them (That's sliding a Fig Root up the anus wich burns very much) and Stretch the anal entrance but tying the Punishiee on a table with their legs in stirrups. Then having a massive dildo rammed into there anal entrance extremly fast, forcing there anus to be stretched open very fast and wide. (This would happen under a MILI second, and the dildo instrument would be about 5 inches thick around and 12 inches long)

We would also give huge enema's and hot glue their anus shut (Then Rip off the hot glue once it dry's)

I think in our "Ultimate Punishment special package" we will pop open the anal spinchter and snap it to where it cannot be used anymore, and the "customer" would have to wear diapers for the rest of their lives, But this would ONLY be for people who have been broguht back in after the 10th time.

I want to charge 50 dollars per person, and make this a real establishment, perhaps a chain. And even do business with Prisons to punish the inmates if orderd.

I would make this place look like a doctors office, very professional and clean, with certified doctors doing these punishments. We need to do something about all the crime and bad behavor and I feel this will really help curb our society.

How can I go about doing this?

I would name this establishment The Punishment Palace (a place for correction!)
Sounds like fun - but illegal to advertise outside the "specialist press" and websites!
Girls loo duties?
what about a girl going to the loo
what does her jobby.......jobbies look like.
please explain.

and what about giving girls enemas.

what is that like.
please explain.

and spanking a girl on her bare bum.
please explain.


1/ What is a "jobby"?

2/ Ram your finger up your a**

3/ Smack yourself around the face!

That should answer your questions :-< ?
Im 13 and I got a big probem?
Helo, my name is Jake.

Im 13 and I got a big probem

First off let me say I despert and a little scared to.

Im Adhd and in a regular classes but school is out now when I was little like ten Mom and Grandma

would give me enemas when I was bad , or needed one ,I learned that I liked the feeling I got after them sorta a new uforic kind a feeling , well no one has given me an enema in about two or three years , and I been giving myself them for a while , mom and ant sue was out shopping the other day and
I decieded to give myself one and I don't know if I didn't hear them or what but mom walked in and just stood over me shouting I tried to get up and she just pushed me back to the bed and told me to answer her ( what was I doing?) she told me to get up and go to the bathroom and get cleaned up
I was so shocked and scared , after I came back to my room the enema stuff was gone ( I not seen it secen ) so I got dressed

mom came in about two hours later and asked if I was all right I said yes, and she said said that she was sorry for getting mad and the next time just ask and she will help me . I didnt need any help I said with
out thinking , and she asked so how have you been giving your self enemas I told her (supidly)
that I liked them ( Big mistake) now she will not let me have any privacy and shes always asking me if I want one or did I fo poop to day like I was 5 or somthing ( im not going to let her give me) and now Im going to have the the doctorand get check out , I still have a women doctor and I don't like the exzam or the questions I know she going to ask me and stuff

Mom stays in and watches and I usally in my underware till she wants to check out that part of my body I never even thought about ling to mom cuase I always get caught and mom doesn't spank me to much any more but if I lied to her then I get it .bad fro sure thre old way
I cant belive I told her. She told me that we would talk a lot more about this later I don't want to talk

and I still miss them its been three days , and she not let me out of sight unless I was taking a bath
and even then I got to leave the door cracked .

And ahe always asking me if I went numer two today and if I WANTED ONE

so my question is : what do I do now , what can I and what should I say
am strange cuase I like them I feel alalone and embarressed help .
Mother and me no longer get along?
I was adopted at the age of 7 ,I had a lot of problems. LD ADHD BD I had seizures till I was 14
I was in and out of hospitals most of my life because I was born with some birth defects and development disabilities
she was my eyes when I got surgery .
she stayed up with me at nights before a EEG as a guy
and after my organ surgery Hypostasis reconstruction surgery she change my bandages
and yes my grandmother and ant was there to .

Father traveled a lot and was gone most of the time for his job with the government
Mother bathed me till I was 13 because I needed the help, she was there for me each and every time I needed some help
no mater what it was , she did not bore me but she treat me as her vary own ,she bathed me , cleaned me , helped me use the bathroom, when I need to
took care of me when I was sick ,she dressed me hell I remember she let me go skinny dip in the back yard pool
because I couldn’t go with my friends to the swimming hole .( I had no bathing suit never need one LOL.
and I didn't know how to swim, so she taught me , she home schooled me till high school . she and my father are the reason I am hear to day
and the reason I not only walk but I can go for a run if I want.

this is a women who I had no quarks about seeing me Nude for whatever reason, although puberty was embarrassing but couldn’t be helped

this is a women that took care of my every need after I fell out of a tree at 14 and broke my fingers and collar bone and fractured my hip
a women that used to have to catheterized me after my operations, and give me enemas, and meds , even
and yes she spanked my bare bottom when I earned it.
when I cried in pain she held me , this women I’m proud to call my Mom.
I had a foster mother I remember fondly to a godly women In heaven no doubt.

I'm now a firefighter/EMT-P
I don't make a lot of money but am just happy to be alive I survived Katrina, that’s when things started to change
you see after Katrina I lost my job ( the town was wiped out) and my father got brain cancer( Geoblasttoma)
he lived two years and then lost his battle, mom and me were at his bed side when he died.
afterwards mom came down with tongue cancer ( she has never drank or smoked)she lived
and has recovered But as close as me and mom were things changed, now I’m leaving the house after her recovery

your relationship has gone sour for some reason.

she always angry at me for something even if it a little thing
even the electric bill , although she will never have to worry about money ever again
all I want to do is leave her be , this is a women I would have killed for if it was required. and last night I was so mad at her I wanted to

well I lost my temper , I just don't understand, I don't trust easily and what happened ?I cried so much over this I can't car any more
she is depressed all the time and refuses to get help what would do ?
she is vary moody I have avoid her this last month
I have power of attorney over her medical and property when she can no loner do it for her self
I'm just hart broken over what has become of our relationship
I can some what relate , by what i mean is after my sister was killed me and my mother just cant stand to be around each other. Sometimes you just have to walk away from everything and let her live her life. I was kicked out of my mothers house when i was 14 im now 21 and i haven't lived with her in almost 7 years. Everything i did i was always in the wrong my little brother is 18 and he has been to jail about 6 to 7 times. See when my sister was still alive she got special treatment and after she died i still got pushed to the side and that's when my younger brother started get alot more. Like i said sometimes you have to thank her for everything that she has done for you, but in the same sense shes your mother (maybe not blood) but she was there for you like a real mother would do. You just have to let go.

Another thing that that could be making her so angry is the loose of her husband if they were marred for a long time then that might so of the reason why shes always short tempered? About her depressing its like this you can take a horse to a water hold but cant make it drink. Sleeping is her way of getting away .

I wish you the best of luck
Should I take care of my mother?
II was adopted at the age of 8 by my mother and father. My father was all about work which left mother to raise me, I was ADHD , when not a lot was known about ADHD anbecausese of this and the fact that after about two yeas of being spanked as a form of one of my punishments I started having blackout Epilepsy. So mother had to stop spanking becauseuse it would tend to give me episodeode.( no drugs) mother did not like ritalin , and then I was hit by a car at ten asufferedered brain injury, which left me (as a 5 year old ) I don't recall what they called it at 14 was normal again
at 21 I took a job with the government and did a lot of investing that has played off well
I'm now retired .

My father died early in my life, but left mother well off so she didn't have to worry to much we went rich but wentren’t earthierrthier.

I'm a only guy

My mother raised me in kind of a dominate way ( her way no highway option)

I didn't like a lot of the things she did as I was growing up
shumiliationiliation as punishment

things like instead of spanking me she make me be bare darning my punishment time Up to 2 weeks if memory serves me right maybe even longer , now as hard as it is to put this in to words so that don’t sound ( perverted) I ran off once when I was grounded so from then on she make me give her my clothing to prevent me from taking off . she used to do other things like giving me enemas as punishments

she said that how her grandma punished her .

when I was in trouble she even give me my bath ( as I got older she watch me ) she said I couldn’t be trusted .
, anyway I have held this type of things agent her for years and it has kept us from having a close relationship.

I know that it could have been a lot worse mother never beat me or was to unfair with me but I just didn't think it was right that all.

Last week mother had a stroke at 65

and she asked me to move back in with her to help out around the house.

I said NO!

she cried and well I was thinking she is my mother and I offered to help her out but I wanted to live at my home about a half a mile away.

By the way this should give you a chuckle I’ve been a nudist since 1995, a smoothie at that .
now mother is devout catholic .

this two things clash like oil and water at least in her mind and yes she knows a little.
if I move in with her I have to give up my life style not to mention
she likes to pick fights with me .
she likes to pick on me about everything in my life

Mother can't speak vary well any more and she’s paralyzed on her left side
but still can walk with a walker.

I have a 16 year old daughter ( at home nudist only) and I know she wouldn't want to give it up .

would I be a bad son if I didn't move in with mother
I mean I could stay with her a couple nights a week and keep my home so Jess wouldn't have to me affected

I'm still mad at mom although I been told by her doctors she has either Alzheimer’s disease or memory loss from the stroke.

you may have guessed the next part she loss most of the details of the past , or so she says .

what should I do ?
Don't move in to take care of her.

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