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If I like pegging and anal penetration, am I gay?
But I don't like guys.
You *are* a homo, or the functional equivalent. Either quit claiming you're not, or (preferably) give up the gay or equivalent sex acts. If you want sex with guys, you're gay even if you don't like the guys. If you want anal sex with girls, it's basically no different from gay sex, and it doesn't make you a better person (to say the least) if you do it with girls instead of guys.
Is my boyfriend gay? Is it normal for a guy to want anal penetration?
My boyfriend and I have the greatest sex Ive ever had. Hes the only guy who satisfys me. Recently in asked me to stick my finger in his butt. Is this normal? He went on to say that if I wanted to do him in the butt he wouldnt mind. I have no idea what to think.
He may have bisexual tendancies, but he may just get excited by it.

Have you ever seen the movie Road trip. The prostate massaging scene. Some guys like that feeling.

As long as he's faithful to you and it results in better sex, why not do it?
I'm not attracted to guys, but I like anal penetration - does that make me gay? Please help :*(?
I like anal penetration, I'm a guy, but I am in no way attracted to other men. Am I just wierd? :*( If anyone that is a part of the LGBT community could answer and tell me what's up with my situation I'd be really grateful
Lots of heterosexuals engage in anal sex its not just a gay activity P&P :-)
I'm a gay bottom & sleeping with a male from a long back,i love anal penetration....?
i love to be penetrated,also i love to act as a female. does it will effect on my hormonal balance ?
Can marry a woman in future ?
ummm no your gay why would you want to marry a women?
Can the guy on bottom j**z (orgasm) from anal penetration?
So, if a gay fella gets boned in the behind, does it stimulate his prostate and cause him to j**z in his pants? Even without direct penis stimulation?
I'm not gay, just curious ;)
Yes, completely handsfree ... but you knew that already.
How does gay people get their anus cleaned for penetration all the time?
Do they do enema everyday?
Do they took lots of fibre to cleanse the colon?
Do they fast before anal sexual intercourse?
How do they do this?
Do minor faecal contact during anal intercourse happens normally during sex among gay people?
I imagine gay people prepare their anus for intercourse the same way straight people stripping naked, facing east, dancing on one foot [preferably the left foot] and chanting "ooh eeh ooh ah ah, ting tang, wullah wullah bing-bang".

Now YOU try it!
Why do schools expose young guyren to gay activity through wrestling?

Fresno City College wrestling coach Paul Keysaw: "I'm not going to say anal penetration never happens"

Why do coaches look the other way during these "incidents"? Why is wrestling even allowed anymore after this coach admitted that such incidents occur?

Even just once is too many. Unconsensual anal penetration is akin to GAY RAPE. It is crazy.

Wrestling is a gay sport and should be banned.
Well I guess we shouldn't have the super bowl any more since that is gay and all the men keep grabbing each other and why not get rid of base ball because that's kinda gay too because the men have to catch a ball and let's get rid of basket ball because it has guys chasing a ball around oh so gay .

it's called sarcasm .
When you're gay are you a virgin until you've had anal sex?
I'm in a really difficult situation. I'm gay but I'm not really into anal.
This one guy has nagged me repeatedly to have anal with him but I've said no each time.
He and so many others even my straight friends all share the same view that I am a virgin until I experience "anal penetration" as either a top or bottom.
I'm not even sure what I am. I really don't like the idea of "receiving" it seems painful and when I think about being a top that doesn't particularly turn me on either. I'm fine with oral either way and other things like frott etc but anal just doesn't really turn me on. Am I weird?
Don't have anal sex just because someone else thinks you should.

Maybe you are anally a virgin (and that's fine, isn't it?), but you are not a virgin orally.

Only have sex or physical affection of any kind because you really like and want someone.

I know a guy who is gay and 31, and is also just not into anal sex -- and neither is his boyfriend.

Though my attitude has changed over the years about anal, ever since I realized more about the prostate gland, and I'd either bottom or top for the right guy, I have to say that I still prefer the things you prefer.

Live for yourself and for what you like -- not for someone else's personal opinion. You are living your own life -- not the life of someone else. If you do this thing just because someone else thinks you should, you will feel disappointed and let down, and possibly will hurt or be turned off by the entire experience.
Is it only anal penetration tha is condemned by Abrahamic religions?
I was reading a bit about Islamic teachings on homosexuality the other day and I realised that the only thing that they seemed to be talking about being forbidden was anal sex. I then had a quick look at some things in Christianity and it seemed to be saying the same. I have a couple of gay male friends and (through drunken conversations) they have said that they rarely actually do this and that their sex lives usually involve other things. (I know that this is just my couple of friends and not necessarily typical so please don't attack me for saying that). So i suppose i am asking. If a gay couple abstain from anal sex but do everything else, are they actually breaking any religious teachings?
Biblical Sodomy is ambiguous and is considered to have meant any perverse act not required for procreation to include

Anal Sex
Oral sex
Positions that mimicked those of beasts

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