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How is the gay scene in New Mexico ?
I'm moving soon to New Mexico in the United States and I was wondering how the gay scene and community is there, in Albuquerque, Lac Cruces, etc ?
Are there gay friendly places there ? organizations, etc ? guys who wanna go out for coffee or date ? Arabs ? Latinos ?
It could be a bit selly and ****!y
So if the swine flu is god punishing us for allowing gay marriage, then why did it come from Mexico?
So why would god have an outbreak start in Mexico, if Iowa allows gay marriage? I mean that's waaaay off target. That's almost like the US attacking Iraq when Afgani Terrorists attack the World Trade Cent.......oh wait. Huh. So god has the same intelligence agency as the Bush administration? Crap, that does sound like the end of the world.

Science Bless.
No, it's to punish moronic rednecks
Why did people think gay marriage is accepted in mexico city?
as a mexican.. I don't know why... that law is debating and it could change.. and the fact is accepted or not.. the things won't change.. the stereotype of homosexual man is feminine and stuff like that.. these laws could change.. our country has changed laws and it could be stopped for the next government.. I have lived an anxiety since I realized I am gay, I live in a small town on the south of mexico, I want to know if someone has suffering of anxiety for being gay?
Ay si pues escuche en Primero Noticias en Galavison que la pinche gente no les gusto que legalizaran el casamiento de los Gays pero como Mexico es tan corrupto si pienso que van a quitar esa ley.

I heard in Primero Noticias in Galavision that the effin people didnt liked that the Gov legalized gay marriage but we all know that Mexico is a corrupt country that they will ban it in the future.
Where are the best places to visit in Mexico for gay tourists ?
Should I go to Mexico City, to Cancun,to Acapulco,where ?...
Puerto Vallarta is a great place -- nice atmosphere, good beach scene, ample nightlife, relative proximity to U.S. Acapulco and Guadalajara are good places too. Cancún is above average during its "Pride week," otherwise kind of disappointing since the gay bars & clubs are so far from each other. Mexico City supposedly has a big gay scene, but I'm not a fan of Mexico City and don't visit there except when passing through.
Which parts of Mexico are gay friendly and safe to visit?
I know Tijuana isn't safe from personal experience and news. I haven't been anywhere else in Mexico.
NONE honey my hubby's mexi n its terrible down dere we go once a year stay in da states
What is a good hotel close to the gay scene in Guadalajara, Mexico?
I will be visiting Guadalajara next month and want to know if there is a good hotel close to the gay scene. I prefer bars, not clubs.
Chek out this page…
There are many gay bars downtown. I think there is a Holiday Inn Hotel downtown (Centro Histórico).
Which areas of Mexico are gay friendly, inexpensive and safe to visit?
I know Tijuana isn't safe from personal experience and news. I haven't been anywhere else in Mexico.
Mikey is straight. Mikey KNOWS Acapulco is gay friendly.
Come on down you'll have a blast
Is New Mexico a gay-friendly state? How about Albuquerque and Santa Fe?
What is the general attitude towards gays like in NM? Are they accepting? Bigoted? Live-and-let-live? Indifferent?
Well, first of all to the other person that answered: Taos is not near Albuquerque -- it's a few hours drive away. That right there tells me that person doesn't know enough about New Mexico to be answering the question (no offense). Santa Fe is a 1 hour drive north of Albuquerque, and then Taos is about another 1.5 hour or so drive north of Santa Fe (depending on if you take the high road or the low road). Anyway...

An experience someone has in a bar in Raton (of all places!) is definitely not representative of the state or even the area. Raton is a small town that no one really ever goes to or cares about.

With that said... I grew up in New Mexico, and lived there pretty much my entire life (I'm 24) up until a few months ago when I moved away (and now miss it terribly!). I grew up in Santa Fe, but also for short spurts lived in Roswell and Albuquerque. I still have a lot of family there scattered all over New Mexico.

I think New Mexico as a whole is a pretty gay-friendly state. Of course, like anywhere else in the world, you will find people who are just weird and not accepting of anyone sadly. I'd say that Santa Fe is probably the *most* gay-friendly. I know a lot of gay people who have moved from Albuquerque to live in Santa Fe because they felt more at home. However Albuquerque is pretty friendly too.

Growing up I've often heard people refer to Santa Fe as a mini San Francisco, and actually that's true. When it comes to the percentage of same-sex households, Santa Fe is 2nd right behind San Francisco.

The attitude is very live-and-let-live for the most part in Santa Fe.

A few years ago they opened a place called Rainbow Vision that is like the first retirement community geared towards gays. There's also a number of gay-owned bed and breakfasts.

I love Santa Fe. It is so diverse. There is so much culture, so much art, and so many colorful characters.

It looks like this website has some information that may help you:

Best Wishes. :) Happy New Year!
What is the gay scene in Guadalajara, Mexico?
I am traveling with my partner to Guadalajara next spring and would like to find out more about gay life there.
OK people settle down. Gay Scene in Guadalajara is HUGE... it's been thriving since decades ago and keeps going strong. Back in the 90's the government closed all the gay bars, always in some administrative fault, but they managed to reopen again bigger and stronger.

Guadalajara has now it's own Pride Parade in June and at any given time, there's somewhere between 15 to 20 gay bars open in the city for all the different tastes. There's bathhouses, bars, clubs, etc. The most famous is the HUGE Monica's that can host up to maybe 5,000 people and opened in 1980. There's also Angel's and Circus. Usually, clubs start getting busy around 11 and some of them close at 2. Then people goes to Monica's that closes at 5 or 6, and if you still have the party bug, go back to Angel's that opens again as an afterhours until 10AM.

Once in GDL, try to find "La Guia Rosa" (The Pink Guide) or "Zona Gay" (Gay Zone duh!), the local magazines with info about the latest bar-openings and events.

So as you can see, the gay night life is quite open and fun in Guadalajara. Yes you may not be able to hug and kiss in the open daylight without causing a stir, at the end is a very "conservative" society, and just make sure who do you associate yourself with and you'll be safe. I bet you can have lots of fun and make some new friends over there.

Also, there's more and more associations opening in all the different topic; HIV-AIDS support groups, meeting groups, etc. that invigorate the community and give it a broader sense of itself. At the end Guadalajara has somewhere about 5 Million people.
Is new mexico a very gay friendly place?
I am only 16 and am gay but I was wondering if I would find any acceptance or to wait until I leave off for college in a few years. As for the location I live in rio rancho a small city/suburb of Albuquerque.
Yeo my bf lives down there, abd I'm moving there in May, there very accepting. Well to be more specific they don't care. The people in New Mexico are very rude (in my opinion). But I love the city of Las Cruces, NM

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