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Do lesbian/bi-girls enjoy to kiss the toes or feet of their partners?
Well, I noticed in lesbian erotic and porn many girls like to kiss the toes and feets of their partners.
Personally I find it very cute and sexy and wonder why most men don't do this to girls? Obviously straight girls will like to receive such kisses from men.

Not all do. It's just a personal preference.
Any girls out there that love playing with thier girlfriends feet and toes?
Not saying that you are a lesbian...just straight girls who just happen to be attracted to girls pretty bare feet and toes.For example, toe nail painting, footsie, tickling...I just think there are a lot of girls that enjoy other girls feet but are straight
girls feet are so damn sexy!
If you're born gay, why do girls try out being a lesbian?
Shouldn't you just know? My sister is a lesbian and sometimes I'm offended by girls dipping their toes into homosexuality, probably for attention. I think the whole experimentation thing comes from dick holes with a kink for lesbians, and it makes it harder for our society to accept homosexuals because it's considered a kink sort of thing. If you need to have sex with a girl to find out if you're attracted to them, you're dumb as a post in my opinion.
I'm one of the lesbians who "just knows," as you refer to them in your post, and am also frequently annoyed by the idea that lesbians exist as threesome fantasies for men. So saying, the women who usually experiment with being gay are pretty obvious about doing it, and label themselves "bicurious" or "bisexual." I think a lot of what drives your post is an annoyance with the relationships between "legitimate" lesbians and these type of women, who sometimes break hearts and reek havoc before just returning to men. These labels exist, to some degree, to deter lesbians and seek other bicurious individuals: if two girls can try things out with each other for male attention, that's none of the LGBT communities business.

Sexuality isn't exactly black and white for gay men or lesbians either, nevermind bisexuals: The Kinsey scale exists so people can gauge themselves on a spectrum of attractions, but sometimes that's not enough for them. They might want to know under exactly what circumstances they like each gender, and that's also their business. I subscribe to the theory that your sexuality relates mostly to your capacity to fall in love with people of certain genders, and love to me signals emotional and physical chemistry and potental for longetivity. I know theoretically that I could sleep with a man and not hate it, but that the emotional attraction isn't there for me. Some people don't know this kind of thing, and need to experiment with sex and/or relationships with people of both genders to see if what they've had before are just "exceptions" to their sexualities or if they are real. Some homosexual individuals "try out" being out straight, but that doesn't mean that we weren't born to be gay. Lots of people try out what they arguably weren't genetically programmed to want, but many choices exist for people today.

As for societies perception of lesbians, I think that we have a much better name than gay men, possibly because we fit better into the hetronormative mold. Although it's frustrating to be explained away by some as women needing male attention, this also lacks the active hostility that some people have towards gay men, and that many have towards transsexuals. The saying in showbiz is that no publicity is bad publicity, and while I'm hesitant to apply that to entire groups of people, I think that the media attention places on lesbians hasn't really done anything bad, but made people more aware in general.
Do you think if the council had spent as much on gritters and snow ploughs as they do?
ON SINGLE PARENT, third world, lesbian, toe painting workshops, we'd have been able to get to work on time
Maybe,it is all a matter of bad planning,bad organisation and complacency and probably politics against the government so they will get the blame.
Does camel toe mean you maybe Lesbian or Bisexual ?
courten, your a stupid ****. a camel toe is when a girls clothes are so tight, part of the fabric goes up her vagina, giving the appearence of a camel's toe. and no, it has nothing to do with your orientation.
I masturbate to lesbians sucking thier toe's?
A few nights ago i masturbated on lesbians sucking each others toe's. And my mom and dad walked in and saw me and i jizzed on my tv. Now im grounded and i feel strange and wondering if someone might come in. And by bed covers stink, :( im addicted to masturbating to lesbians sucking each others toes, what should i do to stop it?
What is your age? Addicted to anything is wrong. Doing for pleasure is okay.
Lesbian or bi? dating advice? please help!?
ok,so I'm kinda wondering if i might be a lesbian or bisexual. I have always dated guys and I am physically attracted to them, but when we are in a relationship, I never develop any emotional ties to them. To me their more of just...really good friends? I would always think that these feelings are just suppose to develop over time, or something, but they never would, and i would wind up breaking it off.
However i do fantasize about girls and me...doing stuff...if you know what i mean. And i always catch myself staring at certain areas of a girl, and haft to mentally smack my self and focus on something else so they wont see. I have had to do this ever since middle school. and so i was thinking about exploring these feelings more, but i really have no one to turn to. i go to a catholic school so not that many gays or lesbians or bi people like to go there...there are a few but i don't know them that well and this is a real personal question.
also I'm not really sure i should do this, because i might end up really hurting some one's feelings. If i get into a relationship and discover that it's not really what i want, then it would be just like saying "oops sorry i guess I'm not really a lesbian, guess i never really loved you". That would be horrible! and i know what it feels like to be used, and trust me it's not a good feeling.
How can i know if I'm a lesbian or bi without stepping on any toes. please help!
Oh, my goodness! You remind me exacty how I was like about half a year ago!
Look, asking in chatrooms ain't a good idea, to be honest. I've tried it; I've tried everything, cuz I was desperate to meet lesbians or bisexual girls. I finally found one, she was nice with me; we still talk somtimes, but didn't help much.
So, you actually have to do some REAL research! And yes, how can you find out if you're actually attracted to girls if you won't try it first? For example, my first homosexual relationship was with a girl that I knew for only two weeks; she knew all my secrets and I knew hers. And one day I asked her this "How would it feel like if we were a couple? I would feel great. I'm attracted to you". She said that she liked me, too. That's how we started (I'm a bi, by the way).
So, when you're in a relationship with someone that doesn't mean that you're in love with them. Sometimes, love comes later. Thus, you should be honest with your partener, you should tell her that you're confused and if she's worth it, she'll understand. In that way you won't abuse her and she'll be prepared if you realize that you're not a bi/lesbian.
Simple! Good luck with finding your sexual ID, girl..... xD
My friend might be a lesbian?
I have a good friend who might be a lesbian. She dresses completely like a guy, head to toe. She shares clothes with our guy friend, has short but not completely guy hair, and wears hats all the time. Just by looking at her, you'd automatically assume she's gay. BUT she's told me about hookups she's had with guys and stuff... so I don't really know what to believe. Is there some like definition of whatever she is? Is she just a really really tomboyish straight girl? HELP!
...Does it matter?
Iz keri hilson a lesbian . ?!?
cause i was listening to a song called no.1 sex .. with r.kelly feat. Keri Hilson and shes talkin bout doin it to a gurl and makin her toes curl and stuff!!lOlsZ . !! So i was jw if she was a lesbian . ?!?
she does give me a lil butch feeling.
Lesbian ruining my life or running it???
my bf has this lesbian friend, he follows every bit of advice she gives and thats fine usually, his life, he can run it how he wants but now the bi**h is telling him how 2 deal with me. i dont tolerate anyone stepping on my toes and the woman doesnt know me from a hole in the ground so who is she 2 tell him how 2 deal with me? thing of it is, in his eyes she does nothing wrong, hell he and my cousin talked about me 2 eachother openly and i let it slide that he didnt even ask me if any of it was true, didnt even matter 2 me that he didnt defend me 2 her yet his wonderful Lesbian does no wrong so i say one thing the lest bit negative about her then its all out war, he defends her tooth and nail and im pretty sure if he had 2 choose it would b her rather than me yet he claims 2 love me and want 2 marry me. what do i do about this?
There is nothing that you can do about this. He's in love with her and thinks she makes the sun rise. Hopefully, he'll get over it eventually.

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