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Do you think gymnastics in lingerie is nasty?
Do you think its whorish if a girl does gymnastics in lingerie for a private photo shoot?
Well, it's in private for a photoshoot, so who cares.
Where to find sexy lingerie but not too much provocative ?
i need find new sexy lingerie for my boyfriend but don't want nasty lingerie wich shop do you like
hello my wife like this kind of lingerie some are classic some are
much hot and sexy also can find french lingerie one of my favourite
My Friend and I are throwing a lingerie party for a friends of ours does anyone have any suggestions?
My friend is getting married and said she doesn’t want a nasty bachelorette party that would start a fight between her and her hubby to be! So a friend of mine and I (we are both her bridesmaids) came up with the idea for a lingerie party instead. That would be silly and fun at one of our houses instead of trashy and drunk at a bar! We thought of this so she could still get some funny naughty gifts for the honeymoon but we could do it without the worry of a fight or paranoid bride to be. The only probelm is that we were planning this party for only close friends our age but the bride has invited everyone from grandmothers to grooms second cousins none of us know! Does this whole party even sound like a good Idea? Or is it like having two bridal showers? Does anyone have any good game ideas or anything that would make this a funny “Panty Party” get together rather than a bridal shower wanna be party!
i would suggest that you have the bigger party for a while and then when the family members leave, have the lingerie party that you really want. A friend of mine got married and the bridesmaids did this and had a slumber party so that the girls could have the party they wanted and it didn't matter how late it ran.
What is the best place to get lingerie?
Which is fairly cheap but good, maybe Gothic if you have any ideas, and if it's online I don't want to see a bunch of nasty pictures..and PLEASE don't say Victoria Secret!………
What is the name and where do I get the clear tape that is attached to clothes to keep up, ie strapless dress?
Its a rubbery clear tape that is sewn on the edge of garments to keep them in place. Like strapless dresses and sometimes lingerie. I cant find it anywhere except a cheap nasty version at Spotlight. The tape I want has good grip.
I have one of those! Their called Invisible Style Tape

i got it at Rite Aid when i
bought a bra clip, (you know those circly platics to grab the bra straps in the back so it wont show when you wear tank tops)
How do you get semen out of clothes?
I know this is a nasty question, but please no mean answers. I have some satiny lingerie that my boyfriend stained and of course it is dry now. If I just wash it like normal should the stain come out?
Stuff like this happens all the time.
Trust me...the stain will come out...ready to be worn the next time!
Lingerie question - this is for the ladies only!! Built in bra's?
Girls. I need some help. My hubby and I are going for a weekend getaway and I want to buy some lingerie. THe problem is, I am not small in the bust department and hate wearing stuff where my girls are just "hanging" out if you know what I mean! LOL.
I am looking for something with a built in bra type of thing. Underwire - whatever. I found a wicked site online, but it only ships to the states. :-(
I'm not going for "nasty" by any means, just something tasteful and sexy!

Can anyone help me or recommend a store? Website? We're going in a 1 1/2 months.

This site ships international and has some really cute stuff that would keep the girls in line.
How often should you change your pajamas?
My friend is constantly telling me that I have too many pajamas/lingerie. She thinks that I'm a pajama freak because I wear a new pair every night. I know that even though I only go to sleep with my pajamas (and not hang around the house with them) I still wear a new one the next day. She thinks I have a pajama obession - which I don't. According to my friend, she changes them whenever SHE feels they are dirty. Now thats just Nasty!!!

So I ask, how often should you change your pajamas? Wear a new one every other day? Change them twice a week? What do you think. Thanks.
How often you change your pajamas is a personal choice and is up to you, not your friend, or anyone else. Lots of people change pajamas every night, and if that's what you feel good doing, just keep doing it. When your friend calls you a pajama freak, just say "so what!"
How can I eliminate strong odors from vintage clothing?
My Aunt died a few months ago, and while cleaning out her storage facility, I found boxes and boxes of vintage clothing from the 1930's, 40's and 50's.

There are clothes, gowns, shoes, evening bags, lingerie, gloves, aprons, scarves, hats... they are all in pristine condition, but they have this horrible smell to them. Not B.O., but just an old age smell, like they have been in storage for the last 70 years!

They are beautiful, expensive clothes and deserve to be preserved and passed on to new homes. I want to sell them, but how can I when they smell so horrible.

The clothes have been hanging out in the air for the last 2 months (in garage) and they still smell bad. I've tried washing those articles that could be washed, but still... they stink! Fabreeze didn't work either. There are too many to have dry cleaned.

How can I get the smell out of these clothes. Any ideas? I really want to sell them and get top dollar, but how can I when they smell so nasty!
Charcoal, kitty litter, and baking soda all absorb odors. You can try encapsulating some items in a large plastic storage container with a largish quantity of one of the above items. I've done this with musty stinky books and it helps reduce the funk. You need to leave the pieces sealed up tight for at least two days - a longer timeframe does a better job.

While hanging them in the garage can help, hanging them outdoors on a sunny day is your best bet. I had a box of vintage clothing stored in my dad's basement for about ten years. Washed them up, hung them outside, and almost all of them lost their mustiness.

People have posted a lot of good tips - if you are still stuck, see if a vintage clothing dealer can provide more help, or if they would purchase or consign "as is".
I Want to host a Bachelorette/Lingerie Party in LA...?
Help! I need to find a fun lingerie party company to present at my sister's bridal/bachelorette party in June. I am interested in showing sexy-classy night-wear, rather than nasty-naughty whore-wear. A little naughty is fine, but my bride-to-be sister would NEVER wear crotchless-panties or patton-leather corsetts. My guests are more Victoria's Secret than Frederick's. Some fun and curious bedroom "toys" would definitely be welcomed, however (and no-doubt broaden the horizons of half the girls on the guestlist). I would also welcome any additional ideas for a fun bridal shower games. (My house is in West Los Angeles)
I wrote a blog about lingerie parties and a resource called "Party Fun". They have party themes, free printables, game ideas, planning tips and more!

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